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Courtney Green

10-41 Athletics Physical Therapist

  • 10+ years of PT experience
  • DPT, C-PS
  • UAB School of Physical Therapy Graduate
  • Champion Performance Specialist Certified

  10-41 Athletics Physical Therapy

10-41 Strength & Conditioning Now Offers Specialized Physical Therapy!

Contact us today to learn more – we’re here to help!

  • 1 of 8 Certified Champion Performance Specialists in the state of Alabama
  • Evaluations, Treatment Plans, Dry Needling, Soft Tissue, Concussion Screenings, and FMS are available
  • Professional Treatment & Training At The Amateur Level

Want to take control over YOUR healthcare – especially physical therapy?

Insurance companies including deductibles and visit caps, physicians, and big chain clinics should not be the deciding factor. Cash based physical therapy clinics are becoming more popular in order to limit unnecessary treatment to increase clinic revenue, avoid high deductible payments, quicker recovery, decreased treatment duration, and decreased overall out-of-pocket expense. The following are reasons why cash based therapy is beneficial:

  • More one-on-one time with your physical therapist
  • More personalized attention
  • Builds a strong patient-provider relationship
  • Saves money in the long run
  • More freedom to address multiple issues at the same time
  • More freedom to explore the root cause of the problem
  • Possible reimbursement from insurance company with a superbill
  • More flexible scheduling means getting more of your time back
  • Investment in your own health
  • Pay for what you get

Many patients have a $25-$50 copay per in-network visit which entices clinics to see those patients 2-3 days/week equaling about $75 per week in copays alone…or choose a cash based clinic for highly personalized treatment for less overall out-of-pocket cost. This is only a small explanation as to why 10-41 will be transitioning to cash based physical therapy. Make a choice today to stop allowing others to control your healthcare decisions. Contact Courtney Green, DPT, C-PS to learn more about the benefits of cash based physical therapy or to schedule an appointment.

“Professional treatment and training at the amateur level.”

10-41 Strength & Conditioning



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Do NOT have kids look straight up when doing squats. It puts them in a mechanical disadvantage. ... See MoreSee Less

Hear it all the time.Let’s get one thing straight. Children CAN lift weights safely without fear of broken bones or stunted growth🥊
When you look at the research, there is actually a very LOW risk of injury to children who participate in weight training & the sport of weightlifting or powerlifting. This is often attributed to good coaching and qualified supervision. It may surprise you that the injury rates for young athletes participating in the sports of weightlifting and powerlifting are considerably lower than those of rugby, soccer and football!📝
One research study followed a group of competitive weightlifters (11-14 years old) over an entire year of training and competing. After a full year, there was not a single injury found that limited training or required professional medical attention. It was even safe for young athletes to find their 1 repetition maximum (1RM) without fear of injury (provided proper technique and supervision). The force an athlete sustains when performing a maximal strength test (such as a 1 RM squat) is actually less than what they would be exposed to on a daily basis in most other sports. Youth weight training also does NOT automatically cause growth plate fractures or stunt growth!🥊
In fact, lifting weights at a young age may even help reduce injury occurrence in other sports! Youth athletes who lift weights are less likely to sustain an injury in their chosen sport!📝
As long as an athlete is mature enough to accept coaching, adequately supervised, and prescribed correct weights and technique by their coach they can start lifting without fear of injury🙌🏼
To read more into youth weight training & see the backed research, check out the blog article linked in my bio📲
Shout out to @indralifts & her dad @dannelunk for being today’s post models🙏🏼
... See MoreSee Less

Hear it all the time.
No better way than to have one of the best PTs perform the AMI (Athletic Movement Index) on your athlete. Its one thing to administer the test and understand it, and its another thing to interpret those results and formulate a plan to correct those issues. Want to know how to improve your athletes performance, contact us today to schedule your screening. Professional treatment and training at the amateur level.Image attachmentImage attachment

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Courtney Green

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We are keeping those AMI's coming. Parents are starting to find out how valuable this assessment is. Come see us with your athlete and let us tell you what the results are. You will be surprised at what we find. ...

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Gyms try to add flash to draw members. If it is about fitness, add care value instead of more plates! #fitness #physicaltherapy #training #gyms #workoutmotivation #weightlifting #value ...

This is what our Physical Therapist is doing. She is getting her USAW Level 1 coaching certification ...

I know people who think that is the answer to all their problems with their body!!! ...

Return to play is something we as a coaching staff take very seriously. With prolonged time away from the weightroom and field/court, jumping right back in to a training program can have devastating results. With the Covid-19 lockdown, athletes have not been able to participate in a real strenuous training program.

Athletes should work on their individual weaknesses during the period of training restriction.Before return to full training a sports medical examination should be undertaken to inform training progression.Athletes who had COVID-19 themselves should be very carefully managed.Reintroduction to training requires an individualised approach in these athletes. With 10-41 using the AMI screening, it gives us and the doctors an objective look at your athletes chance of receiving a traumatic injury.

This helps the doctor provide recommmdations to the coaching staff, PT, or parents what they should do to help alleviate some of those imbalances found in the AMI.

Injuries are devastating only when it happens. It is hard to say when or how it may occur. But, knowing what the causes are ahead of time may prevent the athletes from sustaining an injury.

We provide this testing for Doctors who have an athlete who has maybe gone through physical therapy that wants to know if they are ready to return to sport.

We are already seeing an uptick in injuries with athletes with schools that have been approved to start play in fall sports. This % of injured athletes has jumped significantly and is unacceptable. We provide an objective look at the individual athlete, small groups, teams, atheltic facilities, and can also provide this for colleges.

"Professional treatment and training at the amateur level."

Don't try to make a difference. Be the difference! ...

10-41 Strength & Physical Therapy:
Tired of having to meet your high insurance deductible? Fed up with being discharged from therapy with deficits still present due to insurance caps? Aggravated about seeing a physical therapist 3 days/week & not progressing ahead of schedule? Frustrated about having your physical therapy sessions shared with other patients? 10-41 Strength & Physical Therapy is the answer to all these questions. Physical therapy is a flat fee clinic (does not depend upon your deductible being met or what charges are warranted during each visit), no insurance caps dictating your care, 1-2 days/week frequencies with access to your physical therapist on the other days, & one-on-one care at every visit! Come see what makes us different & why we put the patient/client FIRST! “Professional treatment & training at the amateur level.”

Volleyball strength training group now being offered at 10-41. Learn the proper techniques for moving the weight with explosiveness and efficiency. Increase verticals, improve first step quickness to the ball, and improve swing velocity. With over 11 years of strength training volleyball experience, training all skill levels and age groups, we have the knowledge to take your athlete to the next level. Reserve your spot today. Sessions will be Tuesday and Thursdays 12pm-1pm starting 13th of August. Call for pricing and further info 205.500.9261 or [email protected] "Professional treatment and training at the amateur level." ...

We are all closed up. Now to start the HVAC and electrical. So ready to get this big girl open for business. ...

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10-41 Strength & Conditioning

Our Staff

Coach Michael Franklin

Michael Franklin

Experience: 10+ Years
Technique: Athletic Performance, Core Strength
Coach Franklin's Bio will be posted soon!
Coach Jeff Hannah

Jeff Hannah

Experience: 17+ Years
Technique: Athletic Performance, Olympic Weightlifting
Coach Jeff Hannah, owner of 10-41 Athletics, is a former collegiate football player from UAB followed by a professional career with the Birmingham Steeldogs Professional arena football team. He holds the following certifications: USAW Sports Performance Coach Level 1, 5374
Coach Jeannine Hannah

Jeannine Hannah

Experience: 15+ Years
Technique: Athletic Performance, Core Strength, Volleyball
Jeannine's Bio will be posted soon!

Courtney Green

Experience: 10+ Years
Technique: Physical Therapy, Core Strength
Courtney Green, DPT, C-PS is a graduate of the UAB School Doctor of Physical Therapy, Champion Performance Specialist certified, and bachelor degree in Respiratory Therapy from UAB. Courtney brings extensive experience in her field and has worked as a physical therapist in multiple 5362
Coach Zac Thrift

Zac Thrift

Experience: 4+ Years
Technique: Olympic Weightlifting, Athletic Strength & Conditioning
Coach Zac Thrift, a United States Marine Corps Reservist for the past 2 and a half years, is one of the newest members of the 10-41 Stength & Conditioning team. He holds the following certifications: USAW Sports Performance Coach Level 1, and ISSA Specialist in 5360

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