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10-41 Testimonials

10-41 Testimonials

10-41Athletics trainers are passionate about every aspect of the personalized training we provide, and it shines through in the testimonials our clients leave for us. Here are some of the feelings we’ve inspired in them:

The training I received from Coach Jeff Hannah put me in the best shape of my life. His agility training is very challenging but it will get you better results than you could imagine. He makes you strive to be the best athlete you can be on and off the court. His hard work and dedication to the people he trains is inspiring and made me adjust my standards higher than I thought I could reach. Thanks to him I am motivated to push harder and has allowed me to have the ability to push my team mates harderharder because of him.Shannon Blanchard
After finishing my senior season of high school volleyball, and receiving a volleyball scholarship at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, I began training with Jeff Hannah two times a week from February through July, before reporting for workouts at Union in August. I had never really been able to concentrate on conditioning and strength training because I had been competing year round and therefore on the court working out much more often than in a gym. Jeff put so much time and effort into developing a “volleyball specific” strength and conditioning program for me, always showing up with an organized plan of what we would try to accomplish that day, with such an excited attitude about new exercises he had discovered and wanted to introduce me to. Weight wise, this was the most difficult program I had ever attempted, but Jeff has such a balanced way of motivating me to push myself beyond what I thought I could achieve, all the while encouraging me for my accomplishments. I saw results in muscle tone and definition, my friends and family began to comment on how strong and toned I was looking, and when I reported for pre-season to my college, my coach definitely noticed our hard work when I had the second highest vertical jump on the team. I was blessed to play every game of my freshman year, most without coming out at all, and never sustained an injury. Any time that I am allowed to be in Birmingham, for any period of time, I will continue to train with Jeff Hannah.Hannah Huguley
While working with Jeff my strength was tested, my muscles were pushed to the max every day. My squat went from 245 to 350 in 3 months or less. My bench went from 185 to 255 in the the same amount of time. My abilities increased in performance, I was able to make the cuts and break down way quicker than before, and my 40 yard dash went from 5.3 to a 4.6.Josh Jinright
I can not believe the changes I have seen in my body since training with Jeff. I have always been athletic but I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been with this training. I’m definately in the best shape of my life. I came to Jeff because I wanted to compete in a figure competition. Now he is helping me achieve my dream. He has taught me how to dig down deep and become a true champion. He is always encouraging me and he never lets me quit. His saying is ” find a way to finish”. He is always hitting me new challenges while driving me to my limits. I am amazed now on what my body is capable of. I’m always asked who was training me because my body is constantly changing.Jenna Kirk

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