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Speed & Agility Training

Speed & Agility Training

The term “speed” refers to how fast you can move, measured by how much time it takes to travel a given distance. The more distance you can cover in a specific period of time, the greater your ability to generate speed. “Agility,” refers to the ability to start, stop, accelerate, or change directions quickly. Agility provides the foundation for many athletic skills like juking, jumping, and rolling.

For athletes involved in sports like basketball, tennis, football, or soccer, speed and agility training provides the baseline athleticism necessary to refine their sport-specific skills. However, speed and agility training is not exclusively for sport-specific athletes. People of all fitness levels can develop their functional strength, increase core stability and improve the way they move with speed and agility training.

10-41 Athletics Speed And Agility Training creates unique, proprioceptive challenges that reinforce muscle firing sequences and motor patterns that transfer directly into movements commonly found in sports, and in life. This style of training demands coordinated and integrated body movement to develop speed and agility.

Core focuses include:

Beginner Level
Beginner Speed & Agility Training Programs for individuals and teams applies the same methodology and intensity used with professional athletes to support and prepare high school and youth athletes. 10-41 Athletics prepares athletes to get the most out of their bodies by increasing speed, agility, and flexibility, leading to increased productivity and decreased injury with the following focuses:
  • Speed – Running mechanics and agility
  • Flexibility – Increasing joint and muscle strength and durability
  • Injury Prevention – Identify areas of weakness and develop corrective strategies
  • Regeneration – Aid in workout recovery to keep your body ready to perform each day
  • Post-workout Supplements – Aid in recovery of muscles providing essential proteins and nutrients
  • Nutrition Education – Understand how to fuel and hydrate the body to achieve peak performance before, during, and after games and practices
Intermediate/Collegiate Level

Intermediate/Collegiate Speed & Agility Training Programs at 10-41 Athletics offer the best in training methods from specialists in speed & agility training, nutrition, and physical therapy to help Intermediate/Collegiate Athletes maximize their physical performance. These programs focus on building the speed and agility required for their sports, while also creating greater mobility and flexibility to decrease injury potential.

As an Intermediate/Collegiate Athlete, you’re challenged every day to perform at the highest levels against the best competition in your region, if not in the entire country. Being prepared physically and mentally is essential to gaining a competitive edge and enjoying a successful career. 10-41 Athletics Intermediate/Collegiate programs offer individualized training methods developed by specialists in:

  • Speed & Agility Training
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Therapy
Pro Level

10-41 Athletics Professional Speed & Agility Training concentrates on helping you become quicker, more agile, and reduce your risk of injury. As a Professional Athlete, the physical demands on your body can be tremendous. Using an integrated system that incorporates Pro-Level Atheletic Movement Training with nutrition and recovery strategies, Professional Athletes prepare for the daily physical stresses of their sport, while also decreasing their potential for injury.

An integrated training system incorporates speed & agility training, nutrition, and physical therapy to meet the demands and rigors of being a Professional Athlete. Combining speed, agility, and flexibility with proper nutrition and recovery strategies is essential to being able to perform in their sport, while also decreasing the potential for injury and eliminating everyday aches and pains. Core focuses include:

  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Recovery strategies
  • Nutrition plans to meet body composition goals
  • Pre- and post-training nutrition
  • Injury recovery