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10-41/TherapySouth FREE Pre-Assessment for Concussions


10-41/TherapySouth FREE Pre-Assessment for Concussions

ATTENTION ALL PARENTS OF ANY CHILD PLAYING ANY SPORTS: 10-41 Strength & Conditioning in partnership with Therapy South in Cullman is proud to offer a new service to any athlete of any age in the Cullman/Jefferson county area. We are now offering a FREE pre-screening assessments for concussions. These baseline tests are assessments that measure reaction time, memory capacity, speed of mental processing, and balance and cognition. This test provides a pre-concussion baseline and extensive information about the athlete’s history with concussions. This screening can be used by medical staff to determine a base line for athletes prior to a head trauma or concussion. This base line can then be used as a comparison to test results after an injury. The health care professional can identify the effects of the injury and make a more informed decision. Currently, athletes are only assessed post injury. Without a baseline to compare results, the significance and severity of the concussion is undeterminable. This obscurity lends itself to a possibility for prolonged recovery times. Currently, this testing service is not being provided in the area by any other organization. Date: August 4th 2018. Time: 9am-12pm. Location: 10-41 Strength & Conditioning – 9288 Stouts Road Kimberly, Alabama 35091.

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