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10-41 P.E.D. (Power, Explosive, Dynamic) Program designing


10-41 P.E.D. (Power, Explosive, Dynamic) Program designing

10-41 Strength & Conditioning is the first in the State of Alabama to partner strength coaches with a full-time physical therapist. This model is implemented in the professional sports realm and now with 10-41, this model can be offered at the amateur level. Bringing the “professional treatment and training” concept to your team allows for improved strength, improved flexibility, increased power, increased muscle endurance, and decreased injury risk, which results in improved overall performance. Athletes can be immediately assessed throughout training sessions by the physical therapist allowing for the programs from the 10-41 coaches to be implemented at an optimal level. The physical therapist will make the decision upon assessment whether the athlete can return to the program or return with a modified program. This information will be relayed to the strength coaches immediately allowing for the attention to remain on the athletes performing the program without delay. Any modifications/restrictions made to the program for that particular athlete will be implemented while on-site and team’s coach will be informed regarding plan until 10-41 returns for next on-site visit. Let us design your team or athletic departments training program and take your athletes to a whole new level.

“Professional treatment and training at the amateur level.”

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